Upstate Girls
a layered documentary project started by Brenda Ann Kenneally
and The Team of Volunteer Producers
The Producers

The following team volunteer their time to produce the Upstate Girls.

Current Producers

Steven Zeswitz

Video Production, Photo Editing and Retouching, Social Networking

Daniel Jones

Video Production, Photo Editing and Retouching, Web Designer and Developer

Alexis Lambrou

Video Production, Photo Editing and Retouching

Video Production, Photo Editing and Retouching, Graphic Design

Video Production, Filmaker

Mutimedia Producer, Digital Media Educator, Co-founder, The Raw File.

Web Designer and Developer, Photo Editing and Graphic Design.

Retouching and Photoshop Specialist

Past Producers

Riley Bolender, 2011
Rafaela Persson, 2008-2009
Johnny Simon, 2008-2009
Denise Ofelia Mangen, 2007-2009
Sandy Hooper, Summer 2008
Alice Dison, 2007-2008
Chikara, 2007-2008
Kevin Hagan, 2007
Deana Mitchell, 2007
Endi Esmond, 2006
Nora Belal
Upstate Girls is supported through the award of competitive grants and the journalist's personal funds. You can help by purchasing fine prints (e-mail Brenda), or through tax deductible donations through our 501(c)(3) partner, the Sanctuary for Independent Media.

Past supporters have included Christina Cahill, Alberto Guzman, Gillian Laub, Diane and David Kent, Daniel Portnoy, Amanda Silverman and Leanne Ridel.
Upstate Girls; what Became of Collar City by Brenda Ann Kenneally, Laura LoForti, Murray Cox and Steven Zeswitz is copryright Brenda Ann Kenneally.
No unauthorized copies or use is allowed. Please contact for licensing.